The New Rules for Launching Products Building Your Business, and Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dream

(coming January 2024)

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Scott Allan
Scott Allan Bestselling Author of Do the Hard Things First

“9 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail. Steve Waddell solves this problem with his brilliant new book. Read it and bring your idea to life!”

Warren Tuttle, Open Innovation Expert Author of Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing
Warren Tuttle Author of Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing

"Refreshingly, Steve is the real deal with tremendous engineering credentials and a no BS commitment to pursuing product development the right way. Hurray!"

Noah McNeely CEO of Product QuickStart and host of the Product Genius Podcast

“Valuepreneurs is a groundbreaking resource for any entrepreneur looking to bring a new product to the market. As an experienced product development professional who has helped hundreds of inventor-entrepreneurs over the last 25 years, I found the step-by-step process outlined in this book to be insightful. The comprehensive instructions, insider tips, and real-life examples are uniquely valuable, and fill gaps in the advice missing from other books available to entrepreneurs.”

Lee A. Sheridan Owner/Operator, Two Maids

“ In my opinion your Valuepreneurs system and approach is a cradle to grave roadmap that can eliminate most if not all of the guesswork that normally stonewalls entrepreneurs with an ambitious idea. I’ve read countless business and leadership books but if anyone asks which one to read first this is going to be my recommendation. This book will give budding entrepreneurs the confidence they need to continue product development while successfully navigating the nuances of creating a successful and viable business entity.”

John Cogliandro
John Cogliandro Author of "Intelligent Innovation Revealed" and "Who Stole My Bait"

"Valuepreneurs" is a treasure trove of practical steps based on real-life experiences. Witnessing Steve's incredible transformation from a Fortune 500 employee to a true valuepreneur has been both inspiring and enlightening. This book perfectly captures the steps he took to achieve success in building a product-based company. If you're considering venturing into entrepreneurship, "Valuepreneurs" is an essential read that offers invaluable insights and guidance."

Stephen Key, Entrepreneur, Forbes columnist, & Author of "One Simple Idea"
Stephen Key Stephen Key, Entrepreneur, Forbes columnist, & Author of "One Simple Idea"

"Steve Waddell's book is a gem! It's chock-full of current, real-life advice that's hard to find elsewhere. The roadmap he provides is easy to follow and covers all aspects of entrepreneurship. If you're venturing into entrepreneurship or considering licensing, this book is an excellent starting point with plenty of options to suit any budding entrepreneur. Grab a copy and get inspired! Remember: It's essential that you pay attention and follow the advice of those who are current — and Steve Waddell is."

Sean Mallon
Sean Mallon Vice President, Commercialization, Virginia Innovation Partnership Corp.

With Valuepreneurs, Waddell has done a masterful job of weaving together the last 20-odd years of entrepreneurial research, theory and best practices with lessons and insights from his own hard-fought experiences as an entrepreneur. The book correctly focuses on the primacy of the customer and the need for startups to build "must-have" solutions for their customers. If you are contemplating launching into an entrepreneurial journey and want a valuable guidebook, you can't beat Valuepreneurs.

Eric Scheuerlein, Patent Attorney, Engineer and Founder of Daylight Law
Eric Scheuerlein Patent Attorney, Engineer and Founder of Daylight Law

From the perspective of someone who has only had a glimpse into the world of Steve’s proven product development strategies through the lens of a patent professional helping him to protect his valuable intellectual property, Valuepreneurs feels like an answer to all the questions I have wanted to ask about how it all works. Now, with Valuepreneurs, I can see how well he understands the myriad other systems that need to be mastered in order to create a successful product and business.

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