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Welcome to the Valuepreneurs community. I’m Steve Waddell, renowned thought leader, award-winning author of “Valuepreneurs,” and the architect behind the revolutionary Value-Driven Product Development process. This groundbreaking approach aims to boost entrepreneurs’ success in introducing new product ideas to the market, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Fueled by my passion for innovation and drive to make a tangible impact, I’ve dedicated my career to mentoring entrepreneurs and startups, utilizing my wealth of experience in strategic project management and content creation. I’ve developed and launched multiple professional certificate programs, taught at a graduate level, and designed purpose-driven products. In addition, I’ve fostered diverse partnerships, leading to a dynamic approach to product launch and commercialization.

I launched my career at Newport News Shipbuilding, where I was instrumental in constructing nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines, acknowledged as the world’s most potent ships. There, my skill and dedication won me the esteemed Niels Christianson Craftsmanship Award as an Apprentice. I also pioneered the shipyard’s risk management process for their aircraft carrier construction program, handling high-value risks totaling billions of dollars. This venture deepened my understanding of risk mitigation and value enhancement strategies.

From there, I moved into the role of Vice President at a government consulting enterprise, contributing significantly to the company’s transformation into a multi-million-dollar business.

Presently, at Nasoni, I have the honor of leading a talented team of engineers and researchers. Our collective efforts have resulted in innovative functionalities that save substantial amounts of water and improve lives, particularly for individuals with motor impairments. Our vision is to create solutions that enrich daily lives and promote accessibility for those living with physical challenges.

Throughout my career, I’ve leveraged my networking abilities, continuous learning mindset, and knack for strategic planning to help various industries overcome market challenges and prosper. My objective in sharing my journey is to underline the credibility and expertise I bring to process improvement and construction.


Today, my mission is to acquaint you with “Valuepreneurs” and the Value-Driven Product Development process, aspiring to transform the way entrepreneurs worldwide develop products. Through this book, I offer a potent framework that harmonizes your product strategy with your business model. By adopting this value-centric approach, you greatly improve your chances of successful product launches, driving positive impact and fostering innovation in the business world.

I warmly invite you to join me in our shared journey towards growth and prosperity, championing sustainable development for your product and business.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevewaddell to expand your network and foster new connections. You can also learn more about my work at my personal website, https://swaddell.com. Let’s work together towards continuous growth and success.

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