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Welcome to RosenThor Publishing!

At RosenThor Publishing, our passion extends beyond the creation of inspiring reads to supporting commendable causes. The company, founded by husband-and-wife team of Steve Waddell and Becky Reed, carries the names of two beloved rescue dogs, Rose, and Thor, symbolizing our commitment to animal welfare. Rose, a graceful Shiloh Shepherd, was rehomed to us, enriching our lives with her charm and affection. Thor, a sturdy German Shepherd, was rescued through the diligent efforts of the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR). 

Together, their names form the identity of our publishing house, encapsulating our mission and values. When you acquire a copy of “Valuepreneurs” from RosenThor Publishing, understand that part of your purchase contributes to a noble cause. We dedicate a portion of our profits to SGSR, a non-profit organization founded in 2010. SGSR’s purpose is to rescue German Shepherds from dangerous circumstances, abandonment, and high-risk shelters, working tirelessly to provide each rescued dog with a loving, permanent home. 

SGSR’s dedicated team of volunteers ensures that each rescued German Shepherd receives necessary medical care, nourishment, and social training, rejuvenating their health and vitality. We are proud at RosenThor Publishing to stand alongside SGSR’s mission. By purchasing “Valuepreneurs”, you’re not only gaining priceless entrepreneurial insights but also supporting the wellbeing of German Shepherds. Together, we can contribute significantly to improving the lives of these loyal and loving companions. We invite you to support this meaningful cause and join us in creating a brighter future for these extraordinary dogs. Enjoy your enlightening journey with “Valuepreneurs” and thank you for standing with RosenThor Publishing.

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